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Fusion Mineral Paint™ - Tough Coat Matte

Fusion Mineral Paint™ - Tough Coat Matte

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Fusion™ Mineral Paint is famous for its durability and built in top coat. The 100% acrylic resin acts as the “glue”, so to speak, and results in the best adhesion, and long-term durability against wear and tear. It is a waterproof, non-porous surface which is why you don’t need a top coat.

Sometimes though, you may want a slight sheen and added colour vibrancy, or you may want the peace of mind of an extra bit of protection over high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets or table tops. This is where Tough coat™ comes into play!

Tough coat uses only 100% acrylic resin and is perfect as a top coat sealer for those high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and dries to a matte finish. Fusion tough coat differs from other top coats with its use of pure non yellowing acrylic.


Each batch of Fusion Mineral Paint™ goes through rigorous quality control, ensuring that the paint will not separate or harden in the container for 7 years. This is achievable only by using the best available ingredients on the market. The Fusion™ formulation is 100% unique, formulated from the ground up. You will not be able to find a duplicate on the market that compares! Fusion™ colours are non-toxic, lead-free, virtually odourless, and contain no ammonia or formaldehyde.


3.5" x 3.5" x 4.5"

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place: Keep the jar of paint in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Exposure to heat and sunlight can cause the paint to dry out and become unusable.

Keep the lid tightly closed: Always keep the lid of the jar tightly closed when not in use. This will prevent air from getting in and drying out the paint.

Mix thoroughly before use: Before using the paint, mix it thoroughly with a stir stick or paint shaker. This will ensure that the pigment is evenly distributed and the paint will apply smoothly.

Seal the lid properly: After using the paint, clean the rim of the jar and seal the lid tightly. This will help prevent air from getting in and drying out the paint.

Avoid freezing: Avoid exposing the paint to freezing temperatures. This can cause the paint to separate or change consistency, making it difficult to use.

Dispose of properly: When the paint is no longer usable, dispose of it properly according to local regulations. Do not pour it down the drain or dispose of it in the trash.

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