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Labradorite Stone

Labradorite Stone

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In addition to its aesthetic appeal, labradorite is also believed to have metaphysical properties.

In terms of its appearance, labradorite can be found in a variety of colors, including gray, black, white, and shades of blue, green, and gold. The play of color is typically seen as flashes or streaks of iridescent blue, green, and yellow, often with a metallic or glassy appearance. The colors can appear to shift and change depending on the angle of the stone and the angle of the light hitting it.


Protection: It is thought to provide protection against negative energy and psychic attacks, shielding the wearer from harmful influences and energies.

Intuition: Labradorite is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, helping the wearer to connect with their inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Transformation: The stone is said to facilitate transformation and change, assisting the wearer in letting go of old patterns and beliefs and embracing new perspectives.

Clarity: Labradorite is thought to promote mental clarity and focus, helping the wearer to concentrate and make decisions with confidence.

Emotional Balance: This stone is believed to have a calming effect on the emotions, helping to dispel feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is also thought to promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

In conclusion, labradorite is a fascinating and versatile stone that has been treasured for centuries for its mesmerizing beauty and its purported metaphysical properties. In ancient times, it was believed to have the power to protect the wearer from negative energies and promote spiritual growth. Furthermore, it was thought to enhance intuition, creativity, and inner strength, helping the wearer to overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of adversity. Its iridescent hues and captivating play of color have made it a popular choice for decorative and spiritual purposes alike.

It's important to note that while many people believe in the healing properties of labradorite, these claims are not scientifically proven. Whether or not you believe in the power of stones for healing is a matter of personal choice. That being said, wearing or carrying labradorite can be a personal and meaningful way to connect with its symbolism and history.

It is important to note that the amount of sheen displayed on labradorite is highly variable, with some specimens displaying more iridescence than others.


Labradorite is a calcium-enriched feldspar mineral, meaning it contains calcium, sodium, aluminum, and silicon.


Each stone and crystal are unique, with its own distinctive shape, size, and color. The stone you receive will not be exactly as pictured and the product will vary in appearance, size, and shape.

Care Instructions

Labradorite is a relatively hard and durable stone, but proper care is important to maintain its appearance and quality. Here are some tips for caring for labradorite:

Cleaning: To clean labradorite, simply wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these will damage the surface of the stone.

Storing: When not in use, store your labradorite in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture. You should also wrap it in a soft cloth to prevent scratches and keep it protected.

Handling: Handle your labradorite with care to prevent damage. Avoid dropping or hitting it against hard surfaces, as this will cause chips and/or cracks.

Polishing: If the surface of your labradorite becomes dull or scratched, you can restore its shine by polishing it with a soft cloth or a specialized stone polishing compound.

By following these care instructions, you can keep your labradorite looking pristine and preserve its natural beauty for years to come.

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